About Us

Powering Homes Since 1981

There’s so much more to electricity then meets the eye.

The electrical wiring in your home is the main source of power that feeds every electrical product in the home. Over the years, the electrical wiring starts to break down and may need to be replace at some point. The insulation dries out and begins to crumble, causing the inner wire to be exposed. The cloth insulation around the wire deteriorates with age and eventually becomes dangerous.

If your home has these older versions of wiring, it is recommended for the wiring to be changed, as well as updating the number of electrical outlets in your home. Your house is wired with different types of wire, each with a specific use to accommodate the load and its conditions.

The circuit breaker box is the master of power where the electricity from the grid connects to your house. From here, your breaker box divides up the electrical source to different rooms.

If your house is already old, the electrical wiring itself is surely old as well. It will be better and safer to redo and rewire it. You should consider electrical improvements in your house for you and your family safety. Skies Link Engineering is the preferred electrical service technician in Singapore, providing a wide range of electrical services. Contact us today!

Our Corporate Mission


Provide Professional Services

In all that we do, we demonstrate professionalism and uphold dedication to our customers.

Exception Knowledge

We are committed to sharing our deep knowledge and expertise in electrical solutions with our customers.

Nurturing Environment

We believe in provide a comfortable, conducive and positive work environment, to grow and nurture our staff.

Why Clients Choose Skies Link Engineering?

Years Of Experience

We have successfully completed and delivered many electrical engineering and solutions projects, ranging from complex electrical projects to small scale electrical installations in all sectors in Singapore.

Knowledgable & Dependable

With over 30 years of experience providing electrical engineering and solutions in the residential & commercial market, we take pride in being knowledgeable in what we do, providing sound electrical & technical advice while offering exceptional client service.

Total M&E Engineering Solutions

We stand out within the electrical solutions industry as we have the capabilities to provide an all-rounded, holistic electrical engineering solutions. We are your one-stop electrical engineering solutions provider, without the hassle of having to meet several vendors for a project.

Audited Financials

Our practise of prudent financial management ensures that our projects fully comply with regulatory requirements, guidelines and policies, providing the capabilities to participate in small and big scale project.


We believe in continuous upgrade of our skills and expertise. We are licensed electricians and electrical professionals in Singapore. By getting ourselves certified by the respective authoritative bodies, we demonstrate our dedication to our field in electrical works and more importantly, to our customers!