We live in a world highly powered by electricity. Most, if not all, of our modern day appliances are powered by electrical energy and it has been an integral part of our lives.

Here in Singapore, producing the electricity required to sustain the country is a costly process as there are many processes in place to produced the much needed electricity.

If you have been keeping up with the news, our electrical tariffs have risen this year, as announced by the Singapore Power Group. You may read the news here.

In order to benefit our readers, we have came up with this article in the hope of helping your household better manage the rising electrical tariffs by sharing with you 5 simple tips to save electricity.


Never leave your electrical appliances on standby mode

When you are not working with certain home appliance, it is advised to switch it off rather than leaving it on the standby mode. There is a slight misconception generally, whereby even if you leave your appliance(s) on standby; it will continue to use the electricity which will slowly add to your utilities bill.

Always set timers

The electrical consumption by our air conditioners are high and we often fall asleep while turning it on. During this entire duration, it is consuming electricity at a fast rate, which in turn makes your electrical bills increase. So if you are truly serious about saving energy, then using a timer is the wisest move that you can make. The timers helps saves energy by turning your appliance off automatically without letting it go to the standby mode, when the time is met.

Buy your appliances wisely

The old appliances that you are using now run on old technologies and they do not optimize the electricity usage which increases your electricity consumption. Hence, when you are going to buy new appliances you must be smart enough to check the energy star ratings and make sure that the new appliance makes the efficient use of modern technology to make optimized use of electricity. In that way, you will not only be able to prevent a lot of energy getting wasted but you will also be to curtail your electricity bills.

Install home automation to go green

The modern technology has made incredible advancements and the home automation technology is getting developed significantly. The home automation technology will help you in decreasing the carbon footprint. It will not only help you to conserve electricity but it will also prevent the environmental pollution by downsizing the carbon emissions.

Use wisely

Use your appliances wisely and use them only when they are actually required to manage your electricity usage.